Expand your business into international markets with customised support

GO International is the first destination for companies who are interested in entering Global markets. With partners in North America, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, India, the Middle East, and many parts of Europe we have you covered.


Trust GO International to help you enter new territories

The GO International team will guide you through the complex and often challenging process of expanding into new markets. Our high-quality events and content will be available whether you are ready to explore our in-depth support services or you, are fact finding for the future.

When you qualify for customised support, our team will work closely with you as an extension of your management team. We will be your eyes and ears when you need it, and we will represent your interests as if your company is our own.

We collaborate with our network of trusted partners in Europe, North America, India and the Middle East to provide practical advice and hands on support to help you achieve successful market entry. You will benefit from sector and location specific support, with market research, trade missions and introductions planned to suit your needs.

You can access technical advice and support to get you ready for company formation, accounting and taxation, employment, and legal operation.

Qualify for our customised export planning and support services

To qualify for a full support package, you will need to be an established, revenue generating business. You will demonstrate your commitment to investing money and time to make your international launch or expansion work.

If you are an established business, but not quite ready to make the move, we offer diagnostics and customised development plans to help you prepare and troubleshoot your existing business.

You may have already started on the journey and need some help, or perhaps you tried before and it didn’t go to plan. Whatever your experience of going international our expert teams have seen it all. We understand and we are here to support you.

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